The Office of Student Affairs

Welcome to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) 

We would like to welcome you to AUM. Your relationship with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) and Divisions will be interactive, rewarding and enjoyable. The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) are responsible for the leadership, vision, strategic planning, and management and implementation of all student programs and acts as a liaison and advocate for student interests between the student and University and is the senior student conduct officer at AUM.

What We Do For You!

Student Affairs, through effective policy and decision making, ensures student affairs demonstrates a commitment to students in achieving their diverse educational goals. Student Affairs is accountable for ensuring the success of the Student Affairs Departments programs, through effective performance in these essential functional areas:

Student Life Services & Programs:

  • AUM Committee’s
  • AUM Housing
  • Career Services, Counselling and the Writing Centre
  • Production and delivery of the AUM Student Handbook
  • Mentoring the Student Union and overseeing the SU Elections to ensure fairness
  • Student Conduct & Implementation of the AUM Honor Code
  • Health Promotion, Wellbeing & Inclusion
  • New Student Orientation
  • Student Engagement & Student Worker Program
  • Funding & Maintenance Grants
  • Clubs & Associations
  • Maltese Residency Programs & International Relations
  • Act as mediator and facilitator to nurture relationships between Student Union, Students, Faculty, Staff and Board of Trustees

Student Handbook

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Student Orientation Spring Semester 2023

Student Orientation Fall Semester 2023

Career Services 

Our Career Services at AUM support the university’s mission by providing students with career guidance and assistance during their studies. The Career Center deliver one-to one face to face or virtual tailor-made career planning services for all students at AUM through the Office of Student Affairs.

The career centre offers a holistic student centric career advisory service for Students and Alumni alike. These services include but are not limited to cover letter writing, resume and curriculum vitae design and preparation tips, mock pre-interview and preparation, peer mentoring, cross-cultural awareness, social media profiles and essential information about working in Malta & Europe in general.

Cover Letter


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Resume / CV


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Interview Preparation 


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Spring Semester


Career Event

Spring Semester 2023

Career Events

Each semester there are on-campus career fairs which bring prospective employers and students together. The AUM Career Centre also hosts regular networking events with industry players in both the private and public sectors to keep our fingers on the pulse and to build excellent relationships with key decision makers. Our Career Center also facilitates virtual career fairs and online job postings from reputable companies directly to Students.

Here are some of the ways to connect with our Career Center:

Attend Virtual Drop-ins: Have a question about your career? Schedule a Teams drop-in with a member of the Career Centre Monday to Friday 12-3pm. (Note: no drop-ins on public holidays)

Schedule a one-to-one virtual appointment: These meetings are held online with screen sharing capabilities. Go to OIS messenger or contact Student Affairs directly to schedule an appointment.

In person appointments: The Career Center offer in person appointment Monday to Friday 10am to 11am. Kindly email us to request an appointment in person. (Please note: Resume, Cover Letter and CV appointments are by virtual appointment only).

Resume Cover Letter & CV Review: You can schedule an appointment to review your Resume and Cover Letter by contacting Student Affairs.

Attend virtual career workshops and events: There are always virtual career events on the go or being planned at AUM. Contact us for further information.

The Writing Center

The Writing Center has as its mission the honing of students’ composition skills. And is a  handy resource for EAP, undergraduate, and graduate students, it aids at all stages of the writing process, from the construction of an argument to the fine-tuning of its expression. There is no cap on the number of consultation sessions per student. Indeed, students are encouraged to make use of the Center as often as they need assistance.

This might be for a single assignment, or for several over the course of a semester. Similarly, a student might seek consultation for one paper after another that are required by the same instructor, or for papers assigned by separate instructors in the same semester.

Ensures the improvement of students’ writing composition skills in collaboration with Faculty the EAP department and Student Affairs.

The Center is dedicated to all students – undergraduate, graduate and those in the English for Academic Purposes programs or existing students whom would like to do a refresher course.

Provides assistance at all stages of the writing process, from the construction of an argument to the fine-tuning of its expression. However, the Center does not provide editing services. This means that the students are expected to participate in every aspect of the writing process, from thinking critically about a topic to then making informed choices about their composition.

Students are encouraged to make use of the Centre as often as possible since there is no cap on the number of consultation sessions a student may request. For further information kindly email Professor Ben Schermbrucker:

Student Counselling Service

The Counselling Service at AUM aims to enhance and support the mental and emotional well-being of the University’s community. 

Throughout the acedemic year, AUM deliver mental health and well-being workshops for students. Through the interactive workshops, the students will also get the opportunity to increase their self-awareness of mental and emotional health. Students will also be given the space to discuss the importance of taking care of one’s mental health and emotional well-being.

Counselling Sessions

Counselling Sessions are held at AUM in room 204. Sessions are held in a safe dedicated private space that promotes privacy, confidentiality and a relaxing atmosphere where students can feel safe and comfortable to express themselves freely.

Students can book their free counselling sessions directly via email: and or by phone: +356 2777 1100.

(Should students wish to utilise the free National Helpline for support and help, then dial freephone 179).

Contact the Office of Student Affairs

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David O’Shaughnessy

Director of Student Affairs

For further information pertaining to the Office of Student Affairs, kindly contact the Office of Student Affairs team.