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Experience the vibrant and diverse community at AUM! Our students, hailing from all corners of the globe, are true champions – some have even represented their countries on the world stage. At AUM, we’re fully committed to nurturing your potential by offering a wide array of activities and support structures.

But that’s not all. We take your well-being seriously. To keep you fit and energized, AUM provides a subsidized Gym Membership for all students and free counselling.

Stay in the loop with our activities by tuning in to the Office of Student Affairs notifications delivered straight to your inbox by the (OSA). For those eager to dive deeper into the AUM experience, the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) is your go-to hub. Whether you’re interested in clubs, associations, or activities, (OSA) is here to help and guide you in terms of setting up a club or association at AUM, so feel free to drop by the (OSA) Level 2, Room 206 or shoot us an email at

At AUM, your journey isn’t just about academics – it’s about living life to the fullest in Malta! Discover why AUM is your perfect study destination today.


aum student clubs & activities
aum student clubs & activities
aum student clubs & activities

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Trip to Sicily – November 2023

AUM, you made our Sicilian dreams come true! 🇮🇹 Grateful for your incredible support that turned our trip to Catania into an unforgettable adventure.

Huge shoutout to all the amazing students who brought the vibes and made this journey unforgettable! 🙌 Special thanks to the Office of Student Affairs for orchestrating the magic.

Until the next adventure!

Student Union

Discover the heart and soul of AUM’s vibrant student community through the Student Union (SU). This dynamic multicultural group are not just your voice. The SU is your opportunity to lead, connect, and make a difference. 

The SU is your link between students, faculty, and university administration. They’re the ones shaping your campus experience, both on and off-campus, alongside the Office of Student Affairs (OSA).

But it doesn’t stop there. The SU is also deeply involved in committees dedicated to Quality Assurance and Student Involvement, ensuring AUM continually raises the bar in serving its students.

Who’s in charge? Meet the SU dream team: President, Vice President, Events Coordinator, and Secretary. And here’s the scoop – SU elections happen every 12 months, giving all students a chance to step up, get involved, and shape University Life.

Ready to be part of this incredible journey? Contact us at and check out our vibrant Instagram presence at su.aum.malta. Your voice, your leadership, your AUM experience – it all starts here!

Join the AUM family and be a part of our inspiring journey! At AUM, we’re not just defining our future; we’re crafting it with the values of Integrity, Excellence, Quality, and Relevance. Our Alumni play a pivotal role in turning this vision into reality by sharing their invaluable experiences with our new students.

Our remarkable alumni community is driving a bold new chapter in AUM’s extraordinary story. Together, we’re fostering growth and knowledge today to lead the way for tomorrow, one AUM Alumni at a time.

AUM Knights Alumni

Events: Stay in the loop with alumni events and exciting campus happenings, from sports to special gatherings.

News: Get the latest updates on alumni achievements, campus news, and important announcements.

Networking: Reconnect with old classmates and fellow alumni through our networking features, and explore alumni blogs for insightful perspectives.

Professional Development: Discover how AUM can propel your career and help you secure a better job.

Giving Back: Make a meaningful impact by supporting our school through donations and meaningful engagement.

AUM is more than just a university; it’s a community of trailblazers and dream-chasers. Join us and become a part of this extraordinary journey today!

Questions or Recommendations?

Your voice matters at AUM! We’re all about making your student life extraordinary, and your concerns are our priority. Reach out to the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) whenever you need support.

To share your thoughts, recommendations, or to address any concerns, simply complete the ‘Student Feedback Form’ or ‘Student Complaint Form’ using the link below. Send it to us at Your input fuels positive change.

But that’s not all! The Office of Student Affairs (OSA) are your advocates for change. The (OSA) regularly meet with internal and external stake holders throughout the semester to tackle issues head-on. Plus, they facilitate, organize and host a yearly Q&A session with the AUM leadership team to give students the chance to ask questions, resolve issues in an open and friendly manner directly with decision makers.

Your journey at AUM is about more than just classes; it’s about shaping your university life. Join us, and let your voice be heard. Choose AUM for a student experience that truly values your opinion and respects your perspective.

Student Clubs and Associations

Unlock your potential at AUM with the Office of Student Affairs (OSA) as your guide! We’re all about fostering student growth through an exciting array of clubs and organizations. These aren’t just ordinary clubs; they’re your ticket to enhancing your academic, civic, social, cultural, religious, and recreational experiences.

Joining these clubs isn’t just about making friends – it’s a transformative journey. You’ll master essential life skills like leadership, teamwork, negotiation, event planning, and the art of successfully integrating into the vibrant culture of Malta.

The (OSA) doesn’t just encourage participation; we champion it! We want you to create or join organizations that fuel your passion and promote a vibrant and active lifestyle.

Ready to kick-start your journey? The OSA is your launchpad, overseeing all clubs and associations, and we provide funding to support your initiatives. Get started by filling out our ‘Club & Organization Registration Form’ using the link below. Then, send your proposal to the OSA via email at, or visit Room 206 with your fully completed form.

Seize the opportunity to shape your AUM experience. Join us and choose AUM for a student life brimming with exciting possibilities!

Contact the Office of Student Affairs

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Director of Student Affairs

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Student Affairs Coordinator

For further information pertaining to Clubs & Activities, kindly contact the Office of Student Affairs team.