Welcome to the American University of Malta! A private, American-style university dedicated to higher education and research for an international community at the highest standard. The degree programs, research activities, and service to the community transform lives and serve society by educating ethically knowledgeable citizens, creating knowledge, and putting knowledge to work in a global setting.

High-quality, American-style education in the heart of the Mediterranean


Our Vision

The American University of Malta secures a bright future for all by producing the next generation of leaders that have an ethical, entrepreneurial and innovative spirit.

Our Mission

The American University of Malta is an American comprehensive university dedicated to nurturing those who are inquisitive of mind, ambitious of heart and robust of spirit.


Our Values

The American University of Malta values Integrity, Quality, Relevance and Courage.







Moşteanu PROVOST


DR. Narcisa


The American University of Malta (AUM) merges the best of both worlds in terms of academic standards and accreditation. All programs are designed by a professional faculty board so as to comply with American Education standards at the tertiary level. Every degree has received accreditation by the National Commission for Further and Higher Education (NCFHE) of Malta. This means that all degrees offered at AUM are also fully recognized throughout Europe and beyond.

AUM holds a university license from the NCFHE

License Number: 2016-002

This license states that AUM is fully authorized to deliver academic degree programs at levels 6 (Bachelors), 7 (Masters), and 8 (Doctorate), according to the Malta Qualifications Framework and the European Qualification for Framework for Lifelong Learning.

Programs accredited and offered as a Level 7 of the Malta Qualifications Framework and of the European Qualifications Framework for Lifelong Learning.