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This flexible business program is geared toward those desiring an overall conceptual foundation in business administration. A BS in Business Administration is an excellent degree choice for those interested in preparing for law school, entering into a family business, or building a strong foundation moving forward into the professional world of business.


Our BS in Accounting is intended for students wanting to build a vast foundation for the business world that extends opportunities in entrepreneurial, government or corporate career paths. Accounting is an ever-growing and necessary tool in the business world that changes with new technological developments. AUM provides all of the necessary courses to prepare you for the Uniform CPA exams as administered by the American Institute of CPAs. In addition, international candidates are allowed to sit for the Uniform CPA exam in a number of international locations.


AUM's Game Development degree program is intended for students interested in game development programming at the highest level, as well as computer graphics professionals retooling for the game industry.



American Education Systems are known for being some of the best of the best. This system offers our students flexible degrees that allow freedom of choice. We work with our students through each class, offering multiple assignments, projects, and exams throughout the course of the semester


AUM offers an educational experience unlike any of its neighboring universities. Situated in the heart of the Mediterranean, AUM bridges a relaxed island lifestyle with a world class educational experience. Malta is a Schengen country, allowing easy access to the rest of Europe for your weekend getaways.


The way we deliver our degree programs makes up a crucial building block in the foundation of our identity at AUM. Each one of our programs guides you to building your way from the ground up and structuring knowledge in a coherent and cogent way.
We take you all the way from basic principles to hands-on practice with the latest industry technologies relevant to your field.


AUM values the diversity of its student body and its focus on bridging the liberal arts curricula with cutting-edge and real-world innovation. We trust our students' abilities to think creatively, quickly and with a lens on real-world problem solving.

At AUM, our undergraduate degree programs are based on a liberal arts style curriculum designed to immerse students in an environment of free inquiry. We offer a bold and diverse curriculum focused on intellectual inquiry and hands-on learning. Our goal? Well-rounded, critical thinkers and engaged citizens of the world.

Whatever your leadership ambitions are, knowing how to solve complex problems, navigate successful solutions and lead a business in an increasingly global economy – all while managing costs and profitability – requires a solid skill set. That is exactly what an MBA from the American University of Malta will give you.

Transitioning from high school to university naturally yields several changes in the way you approach your studies inside and outside of the classroom. We offer any guidance needed by students before and during their studies at AUM, ensuring a seamless transition and instilling lifelong learning practices.



Malta's vibrant history, culture and overall environment gives students ample opportunity to unwind from their studies. Meanwhile, AUM is able to tap into this same fun and vibrant atmosphere to deliver its degree programs in a way that makes the most out of everything Malta has to offer.

This is why we are confident in our choice to offer our students a top-notch American education from the heart of the Mediterranean. If you feel that this matches what you’re looking for, get in touch with our team and learn more about AUM degrees and Malta.