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In one of Malta’s most historic locations!

Study at our Campus

An American-style educational system
in an EU country

Highly qualified international faculty,
cutting-edge teaching methodologies,
and state-of-the-art facilities

Degree programs facilitating students' entry into
the world of startups and technological innovation 

and a laid-back Mediterranean lifestyle!

Beaches galore, sunshine to spare,


Undergraduate Programs

AUM offers undergraduate degrees in several subjects that feature prominently in today's job market.

Whether you want to establish an innovative and financially successful startup, design the next generation of video games, or plan the layout of a futuristic city, you've come to the right place.

At AUM, you will receive instruction of the highest caliber complemented by exposure to the practical application of lessons learned.


Graduate Programs

AUM’s Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree program equips graduate students with the knowledge and skill set to craft successful careers in an array of professional fields.

The curriculum tackles a host of contemporary and pressing business-related issues, with theory and practice meriting equal attention. Overseen by experienced faculty who come to AUM from leading universities around the world, the MBA program meets the highest international standards, and is oriented toward today’s diverse world economy.



English for Academic Purposes (EAP) is designed to help students attain proficiency in English, the language of instruction at AUM. The intensive course, which lasts either one or two semesters and is available to undergraduates as well as graduates, facilitates the smooth transition from conditional to full admission of students who have not met the minimum acceptable score on standardized English tests. Upon its completion, students emerge able to communicate their ideas effectively in English, whether orally or in writing, and proceed to take the courses mandated by their degree program.


Why AUM?


At AUM, you receive an American-style education in a global language and a European setting. Upon graduating, you can capitalize on your location in a European Union country to investigate a host of ever-present job opportunities across the EU. Malta affords easy access to all the major metropolitan centers of Europe, home to everything from established megacompanies to feisty startups, and is itself shaping up as the blockchain and cryptocurrency capital of the world.

Whether you choose to pursue your career in Europe or any other continent, you will set out well-equipped to meet the challenge. Indeed, we place great emphasis on the practical application of knowledge. A course of study at AUM entails instruction at the hands of highly qualified faculty drawn from an array of countries, complemented by direct and sustained exposure to real-world business practices and conditions. Ultimately, AUM is determined to shepherd its students through the various stages of academe and into the job market that best suits them.


AUM is located in Bormla, also known as Cospicua, one of Malta’s iconic Three Cities. The area is rich in culture, varied history and restaurants and cafés by the beautiful waterfront. Valletta, the island nation’s cosmopolitan capital, is a mere five-minute ferry ride away!

History & Identity

AUM was established in 2016. The campus occupies one side of a longtime and still very much operational dock, where sailboats and other seafaring vessels – including the ferry to and from Valletta – come and go year-round. Our flagship building, formerly part of a British naval facility that proved indispensable to the Allied cause during the Second World War, recently underwent extensive renovation.

With additional levels and wings (as well as the restoration of an architecturally distinctive façade), the building now houses classrooms, laboratories, offices, the library, and a student lounge. In many ways, AUM’s hybrid identity, which melds a decidedly 21st century sensibility with a discerning appreciation of the past, and an American-style educational system with openness to a European cultural milieu, finds physical expression in our beautiful campus.

Student Life in Malta

No university experience is complete without a varied social calendar. While choosing just how to fill that calendar’s slots remains at your discretion, and may consist entirely of informal get-togethers on your part with classmates and friends, AUM offers you the additional option of organized activities. This way, we contribute to making your experience here a well-rounded and memorable one!

The list of AUM-sponsored activities is long and diverse. From beach outings to island-wide cultural expeditions, nights on the town to parties at the off-campus student dorms, we are keen to ensure that you have plenty of opportunities for fun and the forging of lasting friendships.

Indeed, our Student Affairs office not only oversees matters pertaining to your housing and official paperwork, but is dedicated to helping you have a blast for the duration of your time here, fostering a bit of school spirit along the way, and ultimately creating fond and enduring memories! 



Message from the AUM President

Dr. Lewis Walker  

The American University of Malta, or AUM, is a new university for a new world.

I envisage AUM as a cutting-edge, student-centered educational institution that meets the myriad and urgent needs of our still relatively young century. We aim to equip students from across the globe with the requisite critical thinking skills and far-reaching knowledge to become creators, innovators, entrepreneurs, and ethical leaders prepared for the challenges, uncertainties, risks, and opportunities of a rapidly changing world.

Woven into the fabric of AUM’s mission is a strong focus on ethics and the imperative of a social conscience. We want our graduates to be cognizant of their responsibilities toward a too often conflict-ridden humanity and an increasingly ravaged planet. Cultural literacy, respect for others, and sensitivity to the environmental impact of our choices will complement the hard and fast knowledge of economic forces and business practices that AUM instills in its students. The excellence we strive to nurture is one of both mind and heart.


Triq Dom Mintoff,
Bormla, BML 1013
TEL : +356 2169 6970