Quality Assurance

Through its Office of Quality Assurance, its Quality Assurance Manager, and its Quality Assurance Advisory Partnership with Clemson University in South Carolina, AUM has procedures in place for “learning outcomes assessments” as well as other forms of quality assurance. A learning outcomes assessment is fundamentally about understanding and improving student learning at all levels. The process involves:

  • Gathering information about the extent to which students are achieving the learning outcomes as specified for each degree program.
  • Reviewing and reflecting on that information as it pertains to students falling short of the desired standards.
  • Using the results to improve learning through changes to the curriculum, the syllabi, and/or pedagogical approaches.

The Quality Assurance Manager, with the assistance where appropriate of the Center for Teaching and Learning, works with departments and faculty to:

  • Clarify and communicate learning goals and outcomes.
  • Gather and analyze evidence of learning related to goals.
  • Encourage thoughtful revisions to curriculum and teaching strategies.
  • Facilitate the sharing of information about student learning and successful practices among the University’s colleges, departments, and programs.
  • Meet Maltese and other accrediting agencies’ requirements.

Main Functions

  • Maintain and enhance the processes by which the Institution assures the quality and standards of its awards.
  • Provide accurate, consistent, relevant and timely information that is accessible to internal and external constituencies to use for accountability and informed decision making.
  • Act as an internal advisory office responsible for operations and overall compliance with internal and external regulations.
  • Serve as a liaison office with the national and international accreditation bodies and with the Quality Assurance Audit Partner(s).
  • Serve as AUM liaison to the Board of Trustees.

Contact Quality Assurance Office

Gulnara Sarsenbayeva

Quality Assurance Manager

If you have any questions with regrads to the Quality Assurance Office, kindly contact the Q+A Manager