Inward and Outward Study Abroad Program

Explore the world with AUM’s captivating study abroad programs! We don’t just offer an education; we provide a life-enriching global experience. Whether you’re an AUM student yearning for international exposure or an international student seeking an unforgettable journey in Malta, our doors are wide open.

Picture yourself:

– Building a worldwide network of trusted connections and lifelong friends.
– Immersing yourself in diverse cultures and perspectives.
– Embracing innovative teaching and learning styles.
– Elevating your CV/Resume with a unique international touch.
– Mastering new languages and broadening your cross-cultural awareness.
– Savoring the thrill of living in a foreign land.
– Gaining confidence and newfound maturity.

This isn’t just education; it’s a transformative adventure!

For further details, reach out to the Office of Student Affairs at

Don’t miss your chance to expand your horizons – choose AUM for an unforgettable study abroad experience that will shape your future and connect you with global minds!

International Study Abroad Partners

Unlock a world of opportunities with AUM’s globe-spanning Exchange Agreements! We’ve teamed up with universities across the planet to make your study abroad dreams a reality. Whether you hail from one of our esteemed Partner Universities or you’re an independent adventurer, we extend a warm invitation to join us for an unforgettable academic journey in Malta.

Here’s what awaits you:

– Immerse yourself in our culturally rich and academically vibrant campus.
– Explore the breathtaking landscapes and history of Malta.
– Build friendships that cross borders.
– Elevate your global perspective and cross-cultural awareness level.
– Enhance your academic credentials with a unique international touch.
– Embark on an adventure that will leave you with memories to last a lifetime.

Ready to set sail on your educational voyage? The Office of Student Affairs is your compass. Connect with us via email at for all the details.

Seize the moment, embrace the world, and choose AUM for your study inward and outward study abroad program. Your global adventure begins here!

CESINE Centro Universitario

Romanian–American University

Chung-Ang University

Seinan Gakuin University

East China Normal University

Ateneo de Manila University

How to Apply

Embrace the AUM Study Abroad adventure! Whether you’re seeking to journey inward or outward, we’ve got an experience that will change your academic horizon. To apply for our coveted Study Abroad Program, simply reach out to the Office of Student Affairs via email at or drop by Room 206. Here’s your chance to make Malta your academic playground!

Now, let’s talk costs. Study abroad and visiting students, you’ll be paying regular AUM tuition fees, along with any associated expenses during your time in this stunning Mediterranean haven. For a detailed breakdown, take a look at our Tuition & Fees here.

Got questions? No worries! Your first point of contact should be the Study Abroad Coordinator at your home university. They’ll connect with AUM on your behalf and guide you seamlessly through the application process.

Please note, our inward and outward study programs will resume in 2024. We’re gearing up for an unforgettable experience, so mark your calendars!

The AUM Study Abroad Program is packed with exciting perks:

Tuition: Earn transferable credits upon successful program completion. We’ll send your home university an official transcript with your grades and credits for easy transfer back to your academic home. Our AUM academic team will work closely with your home academic team to ensure a smooth process.

Visa Support: Need a Maltese study visa? We’ve got your back with application assistance. Kindly note, EU citizens are exempt. 

Pre-Departure Prep: Get all the essential info you need to prepare for your Malta study adventure. Plus, upon arrival, we’ll give you an orientation to fast track your integration into AUM student life and Maltese culture.

Housing: Explore various housing options for your Maltese study abroad experience.

Airport Welcome: Share your flight details in advance, and a friendly face from the Office of Student Affairs will be at the airport to greet you and whisk you off to your new home away from home.

Curious? Intrigued? Ready for this amazing academic journey? For all the information you need, contact the Office of Student Affairs via email at It’s time to choose AUM for a study abroad experience that will broaden your horizons and create lasting memories!


Contact the Office of Student Affairs

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David O’Shaughnessy

Director of Student Affairs

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Clara Youssef

Student Affairs Coordinator

For further information pertaining to Study Abroad, kindly contact the Office of Student Affairs team.