The AUM Board of Trustees has conducted its first order of business – an official meeting here in Malta – to feature newly appointed members Dr. John Ryder and Dr. Carine Boonen.

Dr. Ryder needs no introduction, as until recently he was AUM Provost as well as Professor of Philosophy. His appointment to the Board means that he will continue to have a hand in shaping the identity and charting the direction of the university, with which he has been associated since it came into existence.

Dr. Boonen, the Board’s other new appointee, has a long and distinguished career in the medical field, having held positions such as CEO of a federation of hospitals and medical institutions as well as that of healthcare policy adviser to the prime minister, both in her native Belgium. Currently, Dr. Boonen serves as director of Flanders’ Care. An initiative undertaken by the government of Belgium’s Flemish Region, Flanders’ Care seeks “to demonstrably improve the range of quality care through innovation and to stimulate responsible entrepreneurship in the healthcare economy.”

The AUM Board convened toward the end of last month, with the Trustees flying in from abroad and meeting on campus. Among the topics discussed was AUM’s recent hiring of new faculty and staff, who have come from near and far to join the university. The next session of the Board is scheduled to take place in December.