AUM Knights Win Spirit of Cricket Award

We are extremely pleased that the Malta Cricket Association’s “SPIRIT OF CRICKET” award, will be presented to the our very own AUM Knights. This accolade is the most prestigious award handed over by the Malta Cricket Association (MCA) at the end of the summer league season to the team that demonstrates it dedication not only to the sport of cricket, but most importantly to the 3 core values of the MCA summer league: HONESTY, INTEGRITY and RESPECT.

Learn more about our amazing team below: 

AUM Cricket Club
Jitesh Patel

Jitesh Patel - Jersey No. 22

Jitesh (Jit) is student of AUM since 2018, pursuing his MSC in Engineering Management.Our captain and club representative is bowling all-rounder, bowling left-arm seam bowl, and left-handed batsman. He was also an official Umpire from MCA in the 2020 summer league.

Zoheb Malek

Zoheb Malek - Jersey No. 5 

Zoheb is MBA student of AUM in his final year and has been in Malta since 2018. Our club treasurer is bowling all-rounder, bowling right arm off-spin and right-handed batsman. During the 2020 summer league, with his magic spin bowling he was almost unplayable and was second most successive bowler for our club. And when team needs quick runs in death overs, he is the one who will be there with his powerful flick shots.

Abhishek Prajapati

Abhishek Prajapati - Jersey No. 4

Since, coming to Malta in 2019, Abhishek is been MBA student. Our 25years old, right-handed Batting all-rounder, is one of most consistent players for club both with his willow and bowling in death overs. His first summer league became his dream debut in Maltese cricket, ended up on top of MVP list in 2020 summer league during league games, becoming one of the most valuable players for club.

Darshit Patankar - Jersey No. 10

Darshit is pursuing his Master of Business Administration since 2019 in AUM. Our young wicket keeper batsman is valuable middle order batsman with his excellent footwork and beautiful techniques. On or off the field he is always there to motivate bowlers behind stumps and keeping team moral high during game both with his witty jokes and banters.

Amandeep Ralhan - Jersey No. 21

AUM’s opening batsman and one of most senior team members is also doing his MBA in university since 2019. He is right-handed batsman and part timer bowler who can be very handy when team needs to finish some quick overs in middle of inning. But with his beautiful cover drive and front foot punch through gaps is always amazing to watch. 

Saneesh Kumar - Jersey No. 43

Saneesh A.K.A. Jerry is our top order right-handed batsman, who is pursuing his Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance since 2019. Jerry is our most destructive top order batsman and played some very important inning in 2020 summer league. With his immerse power of hitting ball he can be dangerous for any team and always give that start what team needs at beginning of inning.  

Prithvi Chauhan - Jersey No. 2

Our 2020, wild card entry in summer league, Prithvi become one of most valuable top order batsmen. Playing some competitive level in home country, Prithvi, moved in Malta 2019 as he enrolled in one of most fascinating programs in recent time (Game Development) running by AUM. Our right-handed batsman and off spin bowler is very handy when team needs to be rescue from some early damage. 

Nishit Bhatt - Jersey No 1

Our number 1, jersey holder is right-handed batsman and very important middle order batsman. He is a MBA student of AUM since 2019. 23years old, is one of important player of club with his death overs batting specialities and some acrobatic fielding technique.  

Mohit Panchal - Jersey No. 7

Mohit is MBA student in University since 2018 and currently in last year of his master’s degree. He is our one of most reliable middle order batsman and fielder with safe hands on field. Being one of the valuable team members of young team, his relentless and never give up attitude always bring extra energy in team when opposite team getting on top of game.

Shubham Patel - Jersey No. 18

Shubham is an active member and right arm fast bowler of team, studying his MSC in Engineering Management since 2019. He is most consistent player for team who can never be out of game whether he is playing on the field or off the field. His fast-skiddy bowling is can be very lethal if batsman does not read him properly.

Darshanik Gohil - Jersey No. 28

Darshanik is one of best players in team when it comes to consistency in performance and professionalism. Our left arm spin bowler is very intelligent reading situation of the game and playing with batsman mind when bowling. Apart from active team member, he is official scorer in MCA stationed games. He has been done scoring for entire summer league more than any other officials from all Maltese Registered cricket club members including in 2020 summer league grand Finale. He is MSC student of AUM since 2019.

Faraz Muhammad - Jersey No. 12

Faraz is team opening right arm fast bowler who is studying in Bachelor of Science in Business Administration in University since 2018. With his swing bowling, he is always nightmare for new batsmen. Apart from it he is very quick in the field and some good energy and tough on field makes him very powerful representative of team bowling attack. 

Girish Bapathu - Jersey No. 11

Our youngest player of the club is latest recruit in club and in university of year 2020. He is enrolled in Gave development and he is right-handed batsman and right arm off spin bowler. His contribution to the club is so important and he is always there for team. In Building team and supporting each player, his role is very vital. Being youngest in team, he is very enthusiastic to learn and develop his technique.

Akash Patel - Jersey No. 21

Akash is right-handed batsman and very important member of the team and middle order batsman. He is enrolled himself in Game development programme and pursuing his study since 2019 in AUM.  

Ram Mohan Gardas - Jersey No. 3

Ram is our wicketkeeper batsman who is also MBA student in AUM since year 2018. Apart from important player of team, he is mentor and secretory of our club who looks after all players on and off the field. He is best person in best position for club so with his guidance club can go in right direction.  

Tarak Shah - Jersey No. 45 

Our middle order right-handed batsman and left arm spin bowler is one of best fielder club could ever have. With his calmness and positive state of mind even in pressure games, always be crucial for team and he proved his abilities with both ball and bat many times that how important he is for club. Tarak is doing his MBA since he joined AUM in 2018 and in his last year of master’s at the moment.

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