AUM is proud to announce that Dr. John Ryder, Provost and Professor of Philosophy, has just had a manuscript accepted for publication by Brill, the prestigious academic press.

Knowledge, Art, and Power: An Outline of a Theory of Experience will be published in late 2019 or early 2020.

To a certain extent, the book serves as a companion piece to Dr. Ryder’s earlier The Things in Heaven and Earth: An Essay in Pragmatic Naturalism.

Dr. Ryder, who has been with AUM since its inception, describes his latest literary project as a work of relational ontology, one in which he posits that “everything that exists is constituted by its relations.”

Among the heady subjects discussed within the book’s pages is no less than the question of what it means to be human. The theories of two major American philosophers, pragmatist John Dewey and ordinal naturalist Justus Buchler, are analyzed in depth.

Fittingly, the book’s title, Knowledge, Art, and Power, refers to “the three threads out of which the experience of life is woven.”

In addition to the aforementioned The Things in Heaven and Earth, Dr. Ryder is the author of Interpreting America: Russian and Soviet Studies of the History of American Thought, which examines the reception accorded American philosophers in the Soviet Union and early post-Soviet Russia, and has also contributed to or edited several anthologies.