During this week at AUM we held Career Week, a week-long series of events that help our students gain insights and knowledge about various topics relating to their future career. For those who could not attend or even for those of you looking for general information or help, we have compiled a few tips for you! Hereunder you will read and discover how you can build a better resume, perform better during interviews, and you will also get to know what kind of careers are open for you once you graduate.

Tips for a better resume

  1. Use a professional email address – using a professional email address is important as it shows that you are a serious person. Do not use your high school email but rather create a new address with either Gmail or Outlook and use your name!
  2. Right: tom.smith@gmail.com
  3. Wrong: tomhangsout@hotmail.com
  4. List in reverse order – When listing your accomplishments or past work begin from the most recent one and work your down. This applies for any summer work or full-time jobs as well as academic qualifications.
  5. Make use of simple subheadings – using subheadings is essential as they make your resume look structured and make it more readable. Make sure to use simple subheadings such as skills, experience, education.

Tips for a better interview

The Education Ministry has just announced a list of changes to student visa policies bound to come into effect shortly. Here’s what to expect:

Students only looking to stay up to one year can do that on just a national visa. If they decide to stay on longer than one year, they’ll need to switch to a residence permit, but not before that.

If there are no official representatives for Malta such as consular missions in the student’s country, the student can submit his/her application anyway without showing up in person. They can send their application to Malta or to external service providers where a Maltese consulate is not present.

The Ministry for Education, Identity Malta and the police will keep track of students’ visa applications so as to ensure that immigration regulations are adhered to and all applications are done in good faith.

Career prospects in Malta

Malta has been rapidly attracting foreign investment in various sectors. Perhaps the first that comes to mind is the Disruptive Technologies industry which includes blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI) and internet of things (IoT). This technology-based niche is creating jobs in multiple industry sectors such as game development, software development, and information technology.

Another industry that has taken off in the past decade is the financial services industry, particularly asset management companies. Students reading for a master’s degree in business administration have ample opportunities in this sector given the constant need for new blood particularly in the analysis side of the business.

Lastly, one cannot forget to mention the strong presence of gaming and engineering companies in Malta. The gaming sector is always on the lookout for creative and inspiring people to join in different roles. Graphic design immediately comes to mind. Students studying in that area will have no problem finding jobs since the demand for creative talent is always on the rise and new companies are setting up shop in Malta on a daily basis.

Engineering students are not so different in that the market offers great prospects, especially to new graduates who need to get some experience under their belt. Students who are employed by a company will usually stay there even after obtaining their warrant and becoming fully warranted engineers.

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