Department of Business

Dr. Richard Croome earned his Bachelor of Arts degree with First Class Honors at the Australian National University majoring in Geography and Forestry. His MBA is from the University of Newcastle, Australia and his PhD is from the University of the Sunshine Coast, Australia in the field of Economics and Consumer Behavior. He also holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Education. Dr. Croome’s research interests are in the field of Education Economics and in particular Instructional Design as a vehicle to creating more effective learning outcomes. Dr. Croome has published widely in journals and conferences and has written several book chapters.

Dr. Croome has worked as an environmental consultant in Australia and as the Manager for Remote Sensing & Geographic Information Systems at the National Mapping Bureau in Port Moresby. He also founded and operated a retail company on the east coast of Australia for seven years and has experience founding and managing virtual firms.

Humanities and Social Sciences

AssistantProfessor Ph.D. English (University of Texas Austin)



Dr. John Pedro Schwartz received his Ph.D. in English from the University of Texas at Austin in 2006. He specializes in modernist literature in English, Spanish and Portuguese. He has published scholarly articles on James Joyce, Henry James, Jorge Luis Borges and Fernando Pessoa, as well as on the interstices of composition, media and museum studies. He has co- edited two books, Archives, Museums and Collecting Practices in the Modern Arab World (Routledge 2013) and TransLatin Joyce: Global Transmissions in Ibero-American Literature (Palgrave 2014). In summer 2013, he studied at the Institute for World Literature at Harvard University, an experience that solidified his global approach to modernist studies. 

Dr. Grech has studied History at the University of Malta and in 2017 successfully concluded his doctoral studies at the same university. The title of his PhD dissertation was ‘Hospitaller Malta’s Communication System with the Mediterranean World in the Early Seventeenth Century." His research interests center on Mediterranean maritime history, with a special focus on the interconnections of Hospitaller Malta (1530-1798) with the Mediterranean and continental Europe, and with Sicily and the Republic of Genoa in particular.

He has participated in History conferences and meetings in Genoa, Corfu, San Marino, Messina, Valencia, Pisa, Cohimbra, Greenwich, and Barcelona. He has published papers on Hospitaller Malta in Genoa, Malta, Pisa, San Marino, and Canada.

Holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Stony Brook University of the State University of New York (1982), and serves as the Provost and Professor of Philosophy at the American University of Malta. He has served previously as Professor of Philosophy and Provost at the American University of Ras Al Khaimah, United Arab Emirates (2012-2016), and Rector of Khazar University in Baku, Azerbaijan (2010-2012), and also held a range of positions over a period of over 30 years at the State University of New York, from Dean of Arts and Sciences and Professor of Philosophy at SUNY Cortland to Director of the Office of International Programs and Director of the Center on Russia and the United States at the State University of New York System Administration. He is the author of nearly 100 books and articles, including The Things in Heaven and Earth: An Essay in Pragmatic Naturalism (2013) and Interpreting America: Russian and Soviet Studies of the History of American Thought (1999). He is the editor of American Philosophic Naturalism in the 20th Century (1994), and co-editor with Armen Marsoobian of The Blackwell Guide to American Philosophy (2004). He is the co-founder and co-chair, with Emil Višňovský of the Slovak Academy of Sciences, of the Central European Pragmatist Forum, and he served from 2002 - 2012 as President of the Alliance of Universities for Democracy.


Assistant Professor Ph.D. Mathematics (Vrije University, Amsterdam)

Dr. Bouhjar earned his MS and PhD from Vrije University, Amsterdam, Holland. Dr. Bouhjar has been teaching and conducting research in the field of mathematics at Florida State University, USA. He also held teaching and research positions in Qatar, Turkey and the Netherlands. His research interests include dual-process theory, topology and mathematical teaching methods.

Natural Sciences and Technology

Cevat Ikibas is from Turkey. He received his Master’s degree from Syracuse University Computer & Information Science Department in 2001 and then started PhD studies in Indiana University, Bloomington, USA. He worked as a Research Assistant in Pervasive Technologies Labs at Indiana University between 2001 and 2004. He worked on some software development projects in the Pervasive Technology Labs. He continued and completed his PhD in 2012 in Computer Engineering Department of Karadeniz Technical University in Turkey. His PhD thesis is titled as “Detection of optic disc and macula and their evaluation in retinal fundus images”. His research area includes Medical Image processing, machine learning and related subjects. He taught Database Management Systems, Computer Systems and Computer Graphics Lab. courses at Karadeniz Technical University. He believes in that learning is achieved by interaction between students and professors and communication is a vital part of learning processes.
As part of his IT experience, he worked in Turk Telekom, the leading Telecom operator of Turkey in terms of mobile, fixed line and data services, as a Project Manager and then as a Department Manager of Resource and Inventory Management, under Information Technology Directorate between 2010 and 2017. He was part of many software development projects in variety of roles such as project manager, program manager or Solution manager in Turk Telekom. He holds Project Management Professional (PMP) and Certified Business Analysis Professional (CBAP) certificates which are related with project management and software development processes.
He was appointed as an Assistant professor of Computer Science in American University of Malta as of August 2017. He taught introduction to computing class in fall 2017. He teaches Computer science related courses such as programming C++, algorithms, data structures in game development program. He was also appointed as Director of Information Technology in January 2018 with teaching responsibilities.

Dr. El-Zayyat earned his PhD from the University of Nevada – Reno, USA in 1994. Prior to joining AUM, He held teaching and administrative positions at DePaul University in Chicago. He was the Associated Director for Regional Initiatives for the MENA region for DePaul University. He supervised the dual degree graduate programs for DePaul University in Jordan. He has been teaching engineering and computer sciences classes in the field of computer networks for the last twenty years. His research interests include routing algorithms for collective communication for interconnection networks, balancing traffic load in path-based multicast communication, evaluation and performance of noisy Ad Hoc mobile networks, and network security.