Study Abroad/Visiting Students: AUM welcomes visiting students to study with us for a semester or year. If your home university approves, you will be able to spend a semester in Malta and transfer credit back to your home university. Study Abroad/Visiting Students pay regular AUM tuition and fees for the semester they are here. For English-language learners we also offer a Summer language program called Explore Malta.

Exchange Students: AUM has signed Exchange Agreements with universities around the world. If you are a student from one of our Exchange Partners we invite you to spend your exchange semester with us! Exchange students pay home university fees only.


AUM is going global! We have been working with universities around the world to provide international opportunities for our students. Why not add another country to your resume in addition to studying in Malta?

In today’s job market, international experience provides a wealth of career benefits such as:

  • Intercultural communication skills
  • Global connections
  • Language skills
  • Ability to solve problems and adapt quickly to new environments

We offer both summer and semester study abroad and exchange programs below for you to gain international experience and earn credit for your AUM degree at the same time.

Holly Bouma

Director of Student Affairs

Phone: +356 2169 6970 Ext.
Office: 206