Our Director of Student Affairs organizes frequent student activities throughout the year. These activities are included as part of your Activity Fee and they are a great way to get to know other students. Many of our activities are also designed to help you get to know more about the Maltese history and culture.

Here are some sample activities and photos!

  • Valletta Tour
  • Three Cities Tour
  • Pool Tournament
  • Gozo and Comino
  • Ice Cream Social
  • Blue Grotto


The SGA represents the student body, provides an opportunity for students to demonstrate leadership, and serves as a liaison between the students and the university administration. It also plays an important role in planning and sponsoring student campus activities and events. The SGA consists of a President and Executive Committee. As the student body expands, representative members will be added to the SGA and job responsibilities will change. 

The SGA follows a constitution (to be developed) that defines its goals and objectives and establishes the roles and responsibilities of each SGA member. The constitution also defines the policies and procedures to follow for planning and organizing University events. It also establishes the minimum qualifications for students who want to run for office.

For more information on joining the SGA, please contact our Student Affairs Office:


Student Organizations and Clubs

The Student Life Office facilitates student growth through a variety of organizations. It supports activities to complement courses such as academic, civic, social, cultural, religious, or recreational clubs for fun and leisure. Membership in these clubs not only helps students make new friends and meet people with common interests but it also helps them to acquire important skills such as leadership, organization, team work, and event planning. The university encourages all students to establish or join organizations to explore or further their interests.


Sport clubs are available for students to sign up for during the school year. This is an opportunity for students to stay active during the academic year.

AUM Swimming Club:

In August 2019, AUM will launch our Swimming Club! This club is designed for those who love to swim and want to improve their skills. It caters to a diverse range of abilities with the goal of encouraging students to participate in friendly competition and have fun!

Club Advisor: Rasa Zilinskaite, Assistant Director of Admissions. Rasa is an expert swimmer, coming from Lithuania. She was a member of Lithuanian national team and then received a full tuition as a student athlete at Wright State University in the USA, which is an NCAA Division 1 Swimming Team. Rasa was recognized as Most Valuable Player (MVP) on her team during her undergraduate studies. In graduate school, she also worked as a Graduate Assistant at Wright State University’s Division 1 Swimming Coach[HB1] .

Please contact Rasa Zilinskaite to join the AUM Swimming Club:

 AUM Sailing Club:

In August 2019, AUM will launch our Sailing Club! No matter what your sailing background is, our club is open to you. With Malta being one of the sailing hubs of Europe, we want to help students enjoy this local activity and teach them new skills.

 Club Captain: Aly Badawy, BSBA Student at AUM and Sailing Champion!

AUM is proud to have Aly Badawy as Club Captain of our Sailing Club. Aly has held the title of National Champion of Egypt since 2014. Has won several international sailing championships, such as placing 3rd in Africa for 2016. He is currently competing and earning medals in national championships in Malta and Europe. And most importantly, he is on schedule to participate in the qualifications to the Olympics for Tokyo 2020[HB2] !

Please contact Aly Badawy to join the AUM Sailing Club:


AUM Business Club

In August 2019, we are excited to launch the AUM Business Club!

Join other AUM students who are interested in learning more about business in Malta and possibly starting up their own business. The club will organize seminars and get-togethers with students from other universities in Malta. Members will also attend business events in Malta and participate in site visits.

Club Advisor: Samuel Foli, AUM MBA Student

Samuel is one of our talented MBA students coming from Ghana, where he graduated with a B.S. in Actuarial Science. He was President of the Actuarial Science Club at the University of Ghana. He is an active member of AIESEC, which is the world's largest youth-run organization developing the leadership potential of young people[HB3] .

 Please contact Samuel Foli to join the AUM Sailing Club:


At AUM we encourage innovative thinking and ideas! Contact our Student Affairs Office for more information on how to start a club or organization at AUM:






Holly Bouma

Director of Student Affairs

Phone: +356 2169 6970 Ext.
Office: 206