All international students (EU and non-EU) are required to apply for a Temporary Residence Card (TRC) on the basis of their studies in order to reside legally in Malta. Our AUM Student Affairs Team works closely with students to assist them with submitting their TRC at the Identity Malta Office.

Applying for your TRC in 3 Easy Steps!

Step 1 : After arrival in Malta, during your AUM Orientation, our Student Affairs Office, will outline the steps for applying for your TRC.

TRC Checklist of documents

Step 2 : Within the first few weeks of your studies, our AUM Student Affairs team will assist you with filling out the application and gathering the proper documents, including your AUM on campus housing documents (must be signed by the owner of the apartment).

Please note: You should allow for 3-4 weeks for preparation of documents and submission. AUM has to coordinate housing forms with the apartment owners and this often takes time. Please be patient.

Step 3 : Our AUM Student Affairs Staff will then take you personally to the ID Malta Office to submit your application (usually we take a group every Thursday). Upon submission of the TRC application, you will receive a “Blue Paper” which allows you to stay legally on the territory of Malta, even if your visa expires. The Blue Paper is valid for 4 months and within that time you should receive a letter in the mail telling you to pick up your card.

    Important Notes on your TRC

    • Do not expect the TRC process to be quick. Expect an average of 3 months to receive your card. AUM is NOT able to expedite the process.
    • If you are approaching 3 months and you have not received your card yet, our AUM Student Affairs team will contact ID Malta to check on the status of your card.
    • Do not make any travel plans to leave Malta while you are waiting for your TRC. Your Blue Paper does not allow you to travel outside of Malta.
    • Take close note of the AUM Attendance Policy for your classes, outlined in your syllabus. If you do not meet attendance requirements, we will immediately cancel your TRC with ID Malta.

      Your TRC & Working in Malta

      • Students are allowed to work part-time up to 20 hours a week but must have a valid TRC first.
      • Do not expect to work in Malta during the first 3 – 4 months. You should plan to have enough financial resources to cover your living expenses in Malta for this period.
      • After you receive your TRC you can apply for jobs around the island and you will be able to register your employment with JobsPlus in Malta. However, your students should be your primary focus, not working. Attendance is mandatory in all AUM classes. If AUM determines that you are prioritizing your job over your studies and missing class, we will immediately cancel your TRC with ID Malta.

        Contact the Student Affairs Office!

        If you have any questions about housing, make sure to contact our student affairs team.