Get a Scholarship at AUM

The American University of Malta offers several scholarships throughout the year for undergraduate and graduate students. Awardees can receive up to 50% off toward the first-year’s tuition cost.

Scholarship funds are limited and students are encouraged to apply for admission by June 30th for fall 2018 and November 1st for spring 2019 for early consideration.

AUM takes into consideration three factors when selecting students to award scholarships to: 


Students who have performed well in their studies and who have earned an outstanding academic record.

Personal Interest

Students who have a creative hobby or interest outside of the academic realm.


Students who exhibit being an active member of their society, give back to their community, or foster a strong communal spirit based on cooperation and mutual understanding.

Maltese citizens and EU nationals who've resided in Malta for five out of the last seven years will automatically have 50% of their tuition waived. 


Maltese nationals are also eligible for the 'Get Qualified' tax credit scheme on offer by the Scholarships Unit, MEDE, up till December 31st, 2020.