Bachelor of Arts Degree in Chinese Language & Culture

Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language & Culture

This Program is accredited by the MFHEA

Degree Overview for Chinese Language & Culture

To extend AUM’s offerings in the humanities. 

China is the fastest growing economy in the world and is widely expected to become a major geopolitical force in the new millennium. Graduates with proficiency in Mandarin will be well positioned for jobs in government, international relations, finance, tourism, translation, teaching and much, much more.

Entry Requirements for this Program

Entry Requirements

Undergraduate Application Checklist and Requirements 

  • Completed AUM undergraduate application
  • Official secondary school records and final diploma
  • English Language Proficiency Scores
  • SAT scores (where applicable)
  • Counsellor or teacher letter of recommendation
  • Personal statement

AUM Undergraduate Application  

Secondary School Records and Final Diploma 

You will need to submit the last three years of your secondary school records along with your completed undergraduate application. If your school records are in a language other than English, you will also need to include a certified translation. 

 All students admitted to AUM are required to have completed 12 years of schooling and to have a minimum cumulative grade average of 80 or its equivalent. 

 Common secondary education certificates that AUM accepts are: 

  • American style high school diploma or certificate
  • AP program
  • British System combination of:
  1. GCSE/IGSCE “O” Levels: five subject exams with grades of A, B, C or D, and
  2. A/S or A Levels: three subject exams with grades of A, B, C or 
  • Maltese System combination of:
  1. Matriculation Certificate, and
  2. Secondary Education Certificate (SEC) examinations in English language, Maltese and Mathematics*, and
  3. A/S or A Levels: three subjects exams with grades of A, B, C or, 
  • IB certificate
  • Other school leaving certificate*

* If you do not see your school system listed here, send us your school records and diploma or school leaving certificate. We will be happy to access the grade equivalence for you. 

English Language Proficiency Score 

AUM classes are taught in English and, as such, AUM requires demonstrated proficiency in the language. One of the following exams will meet this requirement and you will need to enter our school code to have the results sent directly to us. 

  • TOEFL You are able to have your scores sent directly to us by using our school code B757

AUM accepts the following minimum TOEFL scores: PBT 550 or above iBT 79-80 or above CBT 213 or above 

  •  IELTS  

AUM accepts a minimum IELTS score of 6.0 or above 


  • ACT

AUM accepts a minimum reading score of 18 and English score of 20 

  • SAT You are able to have your results sent directly to us by using our school code 7057

AUM accepts a minimum reading and writing score of 550 

The English language proficiency requirement can be waived if you meet one or more of the following: 

  • You are a native speaker of English and you have completed your secondary education in an English medium institution in a country where English is the official language
  • You are a student admitted to an institution in which English is the language of instruction and have graduated

AUM reserves the right to request English test results from any applicant. 

SAT Scores 

The SAT is only required from students that will obtain an American style high school diploma. 

  • SAT Have your scores sent directly to AUM by using our school code 7057

AUM accepts a minimum SAT score of 550 or above 

Counsellor or Teacher Recommendation 

Invite your school counsellor or a teacher to fill out our Academic Reference form on your behalf. Any instructions they may need for completing or submitting this document are included on the form. Please note that this recommendation must be returned to us by your reference and should not be sent to us by you when submitting your other documents. 

Personal Statement 

Tell us about your personal and academic goals. Briefly, in 150 words or less, share with us what you hope to accomplish in your time at AUM. Include this in a separate document with your completed application.


Program Details

Program length:

128 Weeks (8 Semesters) / Full-Time

GPA needed to earn the degree:

2.0 or higher

Credits needed to earn the degree:

120 US credists / 240 ECTS 

Degree level:

MQF Level 6

Pass Rate:


Overall Course Objectives


The course provides students with comprehensive knowledge of Chinese language and culture, including Chinese linguistics, literature, history, philosophy, religion, politics, cinema, business and health.


The students acquire the four skills of Chinese language: listening, speaking, reading and writing, and advanced capability of analyzing properly the issues pertaining to various aspects of Chinese culture. 


The course prepares students for a wide range of careers in the international arena, especially in the China and East Asia-related areas, as well as for the graduate programs that concentrate on special fields in Chinese culture.

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes for Communication Skills for the whole course,

The learner will be able to:

a) Communicate at the advanced-low proficiency level according to the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) guidelines in the following aspects:

  • Engage in conversation on various topics in Chinese
  • Write essays on various topics in Chinese
  • Understand texts on various topics in Chinese.

b) Communicate effectively in various Chinese social and cultural contexts.

Learning Outcomes for Learning to Learn Skills for the whole course,

The learner will be able to:

  • Identify and describe various aspects of Chinese language, culture, history, literature, religion, philosophy and politics.
  • Analyze and evaluate various aspects of Chinese language, culture, history, literature, philosophy and politics.
  • Interpret and appreciate various aspects of Chinese literature and culture.
  • Apply acquired linguistic and cultural knowledge in decision-making and problem-solving in real life China-related contexts.
  • Examine and compare cross-cultural similarities and differences.

General Pedagogical Methods used for this Program

This program offers an academic standard-based education in Chinese language and culture. The standards refer to three aspects of learning and teaching: content, performance and proficiency. Their application is across the entire curriculums, including each language and culture module. As for language teaching, the communicative is used as the main methodology. It focuses more on improving students’ skill of communication, instead of conveying detailed knowledge on grammar. As for teaching of culture modules, it holds it as the main guideline to introduce relevant content accurately, analyse it critically, evaluate it fairly, and reveal its contemporary significance creatively.
Assessment, including all types of tests, will be considered to ensure the attainment of the set standards.

General Assessment Policy and Procedures

General assessment policy and procedures

Students are required to maintain a minimum GPA of 2.0 throughout the program. Failure to maintain such standard results in academic probation.

A student on academic probation can continue to enrol in new modules for two semesters, while the student is strongly encouraged to retake courses in which grades were unsatisfactory. If the GPA does not reach the required threshold after two semesters of academic probation, the student may be dismissed from the program and the university.

Students are required to obtain a grade of C- or better in each of the courses outside of the General Education Program. If a student receives a grade below C-, the students must retake the module in order to graduate.

Assessment procedures vary substantially from module to module and are described in detail in the description of each module.

Relationship to Occupation/s
  • Graduate Study
  • Tourism marketing officer
  • Cultural adviser 
  • Government and business consultant 
  • International trade consultant 
  • Journalist
  • Language teacher (with further study) 
  • Tourism and travel consultant translator and interpreter (with further study) 
Program Structure Sample

Semester 1 (16 weeks)

English Composition 1

Intro to Statistics

Beginning Chinese I

General Education (Elective)

Semester 2 (16 weeks)

English Composition 2

General Education Courses (Elective)

General Education Courses (Elective)

Beginning Chinese II

Semester 3 (16 weeks)

General Education Courses (compulsory)

General Education Courses (Elective)

General Education Courses (Elective)

Intermediate Chinese I

Semester 4 (16 weeks)

General Education Courses (Elective)

Intermediate Chinese II

Chinese Linguistics

History of Ancient China

Semester 5 (16 weeks)

Advanced Chinese I

History of Modern China

Chinese Popular Culture (Elective)

General Education Courses (Compulsory)

Semester 6 (16 weeks)

Advanced Chinese II

Pre-Modern Chinese Literature

Buddhism in China

Chinese for Professionals I: Business (Elective)

Semester 7 (16 weeks)

Studies in Chinese Language I: Social Issues

Philosophy in Ancient China

Modern and Contemporary Chinese Literature

General Education (Elective)

Semester 8 (16 weeks)

General Education Courses (Elective)

General Education Courses (Elective)

Studies in Chinese Language II: Literature

Chinese Culture Through Film (Elective)


Total contact hours: 1720

Supervised practice hours: 0

Self-Study hours: 4040

Assessment hours: 240

Total hours: 237 ECTS

Delivery mode: face-to-face; online; and blended

Mode of attendance: Full time at AUM premises. Online via MS Teams, and Moodle.

Duration: 4 years

Pass rate: 73%


Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language & Culture

General Education

Bachelor Degree in Chinese Language & Culture