Huge win for AUM-sponsored Bormla Regatta Club

The Bormla Regatta Club has something to celebrate!

Sponsored by AUM, the men's team excelled in the Freedom Day Regatta, winning both Category B (adults) and Category A (youth) of the competition, which is held annually in Valletta's Grand Harbour.

The Blues, as the Bormla team is known, have over the years come to dominate both the Freedom Day Regatta as well as the Victory Day Regatta.

Freedom Day (March 31) marks the withdrawal of British troops from Malta in 1979, while Victory Day (September 8) commemorates the Knights' 1565 military triumph over the Ottomans following the Great Siege. Both are national holidays during which festivities and sports events take place.

AUM is proud to support the Bormla/Cospicua community's various sports endeavors, and wishes the Regatta Club – in particular – continued success!

AUM is officially inaugurated

The American University of Malta was officially inaugurated by Prime Minister Joseph Muscat on March 8, 2019, in the presence of AUM Founder Hani Salah. In addition to the keynote speech by the Prime Minister, remarks were delivered by AUM President Dr. Lewis Walker, Chairman of the AUM Board of Trustees, Prince Jean de Nassau of Luxembourg, and President of the Student Government Association, Anwar Al-Sadi. The audience comprised AUM students, faculty, staff, the administration, and invitees from across Malta and beyond.

PM Muscat, who described AUM as “an ambitious venture” that is helping to turn Malta into an “ideal education hub” for students from all over the world, added that the university has contributed to the economic revitalization of Bormla/Cospicua, the larger Three Cities/Cottonera area, and southern Malta as a whole. Following the speeches and the screening of a short film about AUM, guests were given a guided tour of AUM’s extensively restored former British naval station and provided with lunch and refreshments.

AUM President Dr. Walker, who opened his remarks by pointing out that it was International Women’s Day and citing Nobel Peace Prize winner Malala Yousafzai as a powerful symbol for all those who believe in women’s education, announced that nearly 100 students are now enrolled at AUM. Their numbers, said Dr. Walker, are expected to be augmented by a host of new arrivals by next fall.

In her remarks, President of the Student Government Association Anwar Al-Sadi recalled that she was drawn to AUM by its American curriculum and a student-teacher ratio that allows for personalized attention, among other factors. Ms. Al-Sadi, a sophomore, added that in the year and a half since she joined AUM, she has noted with appreciation her instructors’ commitment to encouraging students to “think critically and ethically” when examining the issues of our day.

For his part, Chairman of the AUM Board of Trustees Prince Jean de Nassau spoke of Malta’s history as a cultural crossroads, and of how AUM, with its emphasis on enabling students to sift through information in order to attain knowledge “without forgetting the ethical dimension,” fits into this tradition. He also expressed the Board’s desire to see AUM students, who hail from countries across the globe, work together toward “understanding and accepting their differences, respecting them, [and] building on these differences to become sound and charismatic leaders” in the fields of their choice.

In conducting a tour of the building, President Walker explained how the new gaming and animation laboratory represents the state-of-the-art equipment that the University is providing for technically cutting-edge participatory learning.  He showed the guests modern classrooms, the library, and the extent to which the University has sought to preserve aspects of the building’s past.

The tour echoed the remarks of the Prime Minister at the inauguration, “The American University of Malta is an investment which creates benefits to be reaped not only by ourselves as a people, but even more by upcoming international and global generations.”

AUM to issue dual degrees with Arkansas State University

The American University of Malta (AUM) today signed an agreement with Arkansas State University (A-State) for the collaborative delivery of dual degree academic programs, including Bachelor’s degrees in Business and Finance as well as Business Administration. This agreement confirms the commitment of AUM to strengthening Malta's position as an international hub for excellence in education, following its official inauguration as the largest ever private investment in Malta's education sector.

President Lewis Walker of AUM welcomed Dr. Kelly Damphousse, the Chancellor of Arkansas State University, and other high-ranking officials to Malta and AUM for a signing ceremony at the AUM Bormla campus. Attending the signing were the Minister for Education and Employment, Mr. Evarist Bartolo, AUM President Lewis Walker, AUM Vice-President Dr. Khaled Zayyat, Provost Dr. John Ryder, and Arkansas State University Chancellor Dr. Kelly Damphousse.

With the completion of coursework at AUM and A-State, students will receive degrees from both institutions. This collaboration will enrich and extend the academic opportunities for students enrolled at both AUM and A-State. The granting of dual degrees is gaining global acceptance as institutions of higher education recognise the many benefits and opportunities such programs afford for international students. By sharing resources, innovative ideas and an entrepreneurial spirit, the students of both institutions will gain the broader international perspective necessary for success in today’s global marketplace.

Such partnerships assist AUM as it strives to deliver on its mission to create opportunities that establish Malta as an educational centre in the 21st century. In welcoming the delegation from A-State, Dr. Walker said, “We at AUM welcome distinguished partners such as Arkansas State University to work with us. Through such collaborative efforts, we strengthen our commitment to provide current and future students with an education that changes lives and prepares them for the future.”

AUM inaugurates China office

The American University of Malta is very proud to announce the opening of its China office in Shanghai. The event, which took place on January 19, 2019, marks the first time AUM has established an overseas presence.

Attending the ceremony were Mr. John Aqulina, Ambassador of Malta to China, Mr. Aldo Cutajar, Consul General of Malta in Shanghai, Dr. Lewis Walker, President of the University of Malta, Ms. Sadeen Hani Hasan Salah, Board Member of the Sadeen Group, and Mr. Sun Jiangang, Chairman of the Shanghai ECHO Education Group. Also in attendance were leading figures from universities, middle schools, and educational institutions across the country, members of the Jiaxing Chamber of Commerce, and representatives of various entrepreneurial enterprises.

“The choice of Shanghai for the establishment of our first overseas office signifies AUM’s desire to cultivate a deep and long-lasting relationship with China, an objective shared by the government of Malta,” said Sadeen Group board member Ms. Sadeen Salah. The Sadeen Group is the principal investor behind AUM.

As part of the ceremony, AUM signed an agreement of cooperation with Shanghai ECHO Education Group. This was no coincidence; the China office (located at No.583 Linling Road, Shanghai) was co-established by AUM and the Chinese educational and financial training institution in question. The Shanghai ECHO Education Group focuses on international education, strives to cultivate talent with an international perspective, and has contributed much to the Chinese finance industry. The agreement of cooperation it has entered into with AUM constitutes a first step in its bid to establish a presence in the international education arena.

Also during the ceremony, AUM signed an agreement of cooperation with East China Normal University, a prestigious higher education institution. According to the agreement, a dual degree program of Chinese Language and Culture is to be offered at both universities; students of this program will have a chance to study in both China and Malta, and to obtain dual degrees from AUM and ECNU.

“We are very pleased to see East China Normal University extend its international cooperation and exchanges with Malta, a pearl of the Mediterranean,” said Mr. Huang Meixu, Director of the International Education Center of East China Normal University.

The establishment of AUM’s China office and the signing of the aforementioned agreements would not have materialized without the wise counsel and staunch support of senior government officials from both countries. As Mr. Aquilina, Malta’s ambassador to China, pointed out, “The establishment of the American University of Malta was strongly supported by the Maltese government.” Indeed, from the outset, Prime Minister Joseph Muscat has taken a keen interest in the project.

“The American University of Malta is a new but vigorous university. We are focused on Entrepreneurship, Scientific Thinking, and New Technologies. We welcome students from all parts of the world who seek an education for the 21st century,” said Dr. Walker, President of AUM, in his speech before the assembled crowd.

Dr. Walker added: “The AUM office will serve to increase our visibility in China, and hopefully facilitate exchange and collaboration with Chinese educational institutions. It is a good beginning. We are confident that with our joint efforts, AUM will become more successful and gain trust among Chinese people.”

American University of Malta Welcomes Historic Intake of Students as it Enters 2018-2019 Academic Year

The American University of Malta (AUM) is pleased to announce its student numbers continue to swell into the 2018-2019 academic year, and student intake projections for the following year are rising accordingly.

Building upon its returning base of 18 students, AUM has welcomed an additional 52 new students to its attractive Cospicua campus in the heart of the historic core of Malta for a total of 70 current students.

“We are thrilled to report a generous intake of new students who are excited to come to this country to be a part of the fresh, new, innovative, and future-forward institution that is The American University of Malta,” noted Holly Bouma, Director of Admissions at AUM. “We’re delighted to expand on our already vibrant, diverse, and ever-growing student body, and we can’t wait to see what the future has in store for these enterprising students and the university at large.”

As a truly global higher education institution, AUM is a diverse and multicultural university in the European Union with a student body representing more than 25 countries around the globe.

AUM is the newest university in Malta and one of the youngest in the EU and, as such, has a fresh, innovative, forward-thinking model of higher learning that leverages existing educational conventions while adopting progressive approach that appeals to global, millennial students.

About AUM:

The American University of Malta is a private, American-style liberal arts university dedicated to higher education and research for an international community at the highest standard. Its degree programs, research activities, and service to the community transform lives and serve society by educating ethically knowledgeable citizens, creating knowledge, and putting knowledge to work in a global setting.