AUM Fortnite Tournament Begins; AUM Esports Scholarship Grand Prize

The first tournament of the American University of Malta (AUM), which offers new scholarship opportunities to many students within Esports, is starting. Participants may earn a full Esports scholarship to study one of AUM’s degrees by competing in the Fortnite Tournament.

AUM students will also participate in the Fortnite Solo Series Special Edition tournament organized by Level Academy, Malta’s Esports academy. Players will compete alone in the tournament. The scoring system will be based on the scores of the players throughout the tournament. While the match-winner must score 14 points, all other players will continue to receive their points according to their ranking. In the case of a tie, the winner will be determined according to additional criteria from each match (e.g.: total points scored, average placement, average eliminations, and coin flip).

The tournament will be played over 3 matches where the winner will take home the grand prize of an AUM Esports scholarship! The winner of the AUM Esports Scholarship will be announced on 21 August 2020. Other participants and supporting viewers will be able to follow the matches on the Twitch platform. Let’s meet at on August 21 to watch the AUM Fortnite Tournament live and share this excitement!

This new Esports initiative by AUM brings a new dimension to higher education in Malta. AUM offers many new opportunities for students in the area of Esports. With the addition of the Fortnite tournament and the scholarships it provides, students will be able to use their gaming abilities to maximize their educational experience. The new program allows students to participate in tournaments and sponsored events hosted by the AUM and its partners.

The Level Academy: Summer Series Special Edition is being made possible thanks to the support and collaboration of the American University of Malta, GamingMalta and Newtech Ltd distributors of Razer. The prize pool in the AUM Fortnite Tournament with 100 participants is €200. The grand prize, however, will of course be the Esports scholarships awarded by the AUM.

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