What ıs esports?

Briefly esports, teams competing with each other in videogames. Those who take part in this challenge professionally are esports players, and companies that organize these challenges professionally are esports organizations. The most popular esports game types are MOBA and FPS.

Who plays esports?

There is a sharp majority of males in the esports community. When specifically looking at the most popular esports games, statistics from EEDAR clarify that around 64% of gamers are male. Also, males aged 21-35 build up the majority of esports enthusiasts in Western Europe (45%).


The esports industry continues to grow day by day. With this growth, new job opportunities are emerging where people can take part in this industry. For players, social media staff, team coaches, or broadcast staff or for the people who work in similar technical jobs, it is possible to find work in the esports industry.

An international CS: GO tournament was held in Malta in 2019, enabling esports to become widespread in Malta. Esports continues to evolve in Malta as well as across the world, so there will be more job opportunities. In our further plans, we may have an esports class at the American University of Malta.

The players who play video games professionally can be esports athletes. Some universities in both Europe and the USA offer esports scholarships for young people who want a career in the esports industry.The requirements of esports scholarship vary according to countries and universities. This year in AUM, with university esports tournaments, players will have a chance to challenge with professional esports teams and get a 100% scholarship.

$ 1 billion

The esports industry volumes

453.8 million people

watched esports events in 2019


a year-on-year growth

“Did you know that the American University of Malta offers Esports scholarships?”