About EAP 

The EAP program at the American University of Malta is designed to help students who meet all the requirements for admissions except for the language proficiency and need to improve their English language skills in order to begin their degree program. This program will help students improve their skills in Listening, Speaking, Reading and Writing to help them succeed once they start their degree.


1,500 per semester.

How it works:

There are three EAP groups. 
Students are placed in the group that best fits their current level of English. 

The course is challenging and fast-paced, with a clear focus on improving both English language skills and preparing students to be successful academically. We use a range of up-to-date resources and teaching methods in the class. Our instructors are experienced educators in this field and aim to make the learning both fun and interactional while developing your skills and confidence in this new language.

Length of program:

The amount of time spent in the EAP program depends on each individual and the progress made. It also depends on their level of English when the student enters our program. The student’s dedication to the course, attendance, and task completion will help in fulfilling the course requirements before that student can join a degree program. 

Student's responsibility:

The EAP course runs from Monday – Thursday 9AM – 2PM and Friday 9AM – 1PM. 

Additionally, students are expected to complete 10 hours per week of independent study. 

Attendance is mandatory! Students are expected to maintain an attendance rate of no less than 75%, which is also considered at the time of graduation from EAP. Students who do not regularly attend class will be reported to the Central Visa Unit and their Visa will be revoked.

Textbook is required! Students are required to purchase a textbook for use in class. Materials and stationery are also required – notebook, three-ring binders, highlighters, pens and pencils.

Jeff Chandler

EAP Director

Josefa Borg

EAP Instructor

Fiona Darmanin

EAP Instructor

Michelle Braddick-Southgate

EAP Instructor