Corona Virus

Last upated: 8 May 2020

A word from Provost, Jeremy Brown:

As we embarked on our odyssey at the beginning of the ’19-’20 academic year, not one of us could have foretold the events that have indelibly marked this year in our hearts and minds. Yet, as we approach the final few weeks of the year, we should take great pride in all that we have accomplished, the challenges we have faced and overcome, and the bright future that awaits us.

We’ve learnt to appreciate more the simple things in life that we had taken for granted: the ability to sit and have coffee with friends, to go to the cinema, to be able to be with family and loved ones whenever we wanted. These times will return. I hope then that we will cherish them more.

We all look to the future. However, that vision is obscured by uncertainties regarding the new ‘normal’ and how many stages it will take to get there.  As much as we envisage a future landscape with many of our favorite activities, we must focus on the present. One of the things that we have learnt from this situation is that the present is ever changing, and we must learn to adapt.

Presently, the end of the academic year commotion will soon be on us. Of particular note, and I do not need to remind you, this means final assessments of how much you have learnt this semester. As much as they are reviled, examinations are an essential part of the learning process. Our faculty have done a great job in transitioning to this new learning environment and have put a lot of thought into how best to assess your learning without any unnecessary burden on an already stressful situation. I encourage each and every one of our students to finish the semester with a flourish and to demonstrate to us all that no matter what obstacles are thrown in your path, you are up for the challenge. You’ve come a long way already not to let yourself down at the end of this journey.

Our faculty and staff have done wonderfully well in assuring business continuity and we should applaud them for that. Just because we do not see each other on a regular basis, does not mean that we are not committed to providing you with the best education both inside and outside the classroom. Please reach out to us as necessary for any reason, e.g. student affairs, IT, housing, immigration, admissions, registrar, library, academics etc.. We’d be delighted to hear from you.

While we have been busy managing the present we have, of course, had one eye on the future. Frankly, there is not a great deal of clarity. Universities around the world are uncertain what the ’20-’21 academic year will bring. AUM is no different. The only certainty is that classes will begin on time according to our calendar. We shall shortly be announcing the fall schedule and encourage you to register as soon as possible.

If we are mandated to continue our classes in a remote learning environment, we shall be prepared for that. However, at present we are planning for classes being held on campus in our usual format. We therefore advise you to make similar plans to be back on campus in time for the start of the ’20-’21 academic year. However, I should advise you that these plans may be subject to change depending on circumstances. We will work diligently to ensure that we remain in contact with you regarding any developments which may affect this plan.

Finally, I want to wish all of you good physical and mental health, and to encourage you to take all necessary and advised precautions to remain well. As we emerge from the pandemic, and we will, please recognize that this virus is not going away. Relaxation in acceptable behaviors does not mean that we should let down our guard. Please do not become complacent and succumb to this or future waves of the virus. You are very important to us and we miss each of you on campus.

Dr. Jeremy Brown

Important Information

You should continue to consult the Malta Ministry of Health’s website here for Coronavirus updates and precautions you should be taking:

If you develop fever, cough, or shortness of breath and you worry it might be Coronavirus, you should call the national COVID-19 Helpline on 111 (or +356 111 from abroad) for advice.


Classes will still continue online via Moodle or Skype. Professors will be reaching out to students by e-mail to inform them if they should continue their coursework via Moodle or by connecting on Skype at their regular class hour. 

ATTENDANCE IS STILL MANDATORY. Even with online classes, professors will be taking attendance, and all normal attendance rules apply. If students are absent from class they will need to present a medical certificate as you normally would for missing a face-to-face class. Always communicate directly with professors for any class absence.

ENGLISH FOR ACADEMIC PURPOSES (EAP) is still being held via Skype, and teachers have already sent an email with updates on how classes will continue forward. 

When in doubt about anything related to classes, email professors immediately.

Depending on what the government decides on when schools can reopen, remember that AUM could open back up at any time after Spring Break (April 13) so you should be prepared to return to face-to-face classes at any time.


If you need any library resources that you can’t find online, help with searches for scholarly journal articles and/or referencing citations, please email me who will assist throughout the university closure. 

If you need help with your written essays and assignments, please contact Rayyan -, Manager of the Writing Center who can assist. 


All of the AUM staff members are working from home and will be able to provide assistance via email.




Student Affairs:


AUM housing will remain open as usual and if you have questions or concerns about housing. Please note that only students on University-housing are allowed at the premises at this time. No guest shall be permitted until further notice. 


The Student Affairs Office will still be assisting students with preparing documents needed by email and WhatsApp. ID Malta has resumed operations and students will submit their documents on your own.

Email if you need assistance with ID Malta documents.


If you decide to travel home during the closure you are REQUIRED to fill out this from:

Currently the MLA airport is closed for incoming travel, so by leaving the country you run the risk of not being able to return in the event that AUM opens up again after Spring Break.

Keep in mind that there is a 14-day quarantine period for anyone coming into Malta. For more information on the required quarantine visit:


In order to limit social contact, all student activities will be suspended until further notice. 


No problem is too big or small. 

Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. We are here for you!