Undergraduate Degrees currently offered at AUM are designed as four-year degree programs. In the first and to some extent the second year, the focus will be on completion of the American University of Malta's General Education Program (41-42 US or 82-84 ECTS credits). Specialized courses in specific degree program content will be gradually introduced and by the third and fourth years will be the primary focus.

This flexible business program is geared toward those desiring an overall conceptual foundation in business administration. The American University of Malta's Business Administration program recognizes that society is evolving thanks to an increasingly global and culturally diverse climate. In order to be competitive in this ever-growing business world, our industry-expert faculty members will teach you theory and application so that you will be well-prepared for a wide range of specialized sectors.

Our BS in Accounting is intended for students wanting to build a solid foundation for the business world that extends opportunities in entrepreneurial, government or corporate career paths. Accounting is an ever-growing and necessary tool in the business world that changes with new technological developments. AUM provides all of the necessary courses to prepare for the Uniform CPA exams as administered by the American Institute of CPAs.

AUM's Game Development degree program is intended for students interested in computer science and computer graphics. Throughout the program, students work with the latest software as well as hardware technology in the industry. Covering all of the steps starting from conceptual planning to finished product, students will acquire a comprehensive knowledge of not only the development, but also the business models typically implemented in the industry.

The Bachelor of Arts in Chinese Language and Culture looks closely at this burgeoning contributor to world economy, politics, and culture. You will come to understand China's traditional and contemporary literature, history, business practices, social sciences, and even pop culture. If you are a student who is excited by the idea of an adventure and the challenges of studying a different language and culture, then we are willing to go the distance with you.

The Bachelor of Science in Business and Finance is designed for students who desire a solid foundation in business with a particular emphasis on the theory and application of finance. Finance is characterized by a high level of volatility. This is why students will be trained to quickly navigate their way through such conditions by being flexible and inventive. Following graduation, students will have the capability to step into a position in a banking or financial institution and be well prepared to handle any given task.

The Graphic Design and Animation BA program is for students with an interest in practical applications of the visual arts. While studying graphic design and animation, one can express their imagination through solving visual problems. Students with strong skills in design and creative interests are excellent candidates for this program. Those who complete this degree will be well-prepared to take up a role of their choosing that tackles a broad range of industry-specific applications of design and/or animation.

The Bachelor of Science in Electronics and Communications Engineering is designed for students interested in computational programming and mathematics within the broader field of electrical engineering. After you develop a sufficient theoretical framework, you will get ample hands-on time with modules to understand the principles and processes of design and optimization. This program addresses the real-world needs of the industry through a combination of lecture and laboratory courses. (Pending NCFHE approval)