A degree from the American University of Malta represents an investment in yourself and your future—both personally and professionally.

AUM understands the costs associated with that investment can seem out of reach for some—and we’re committed to developing a full range of scholarship and aid opportunities while still providing you with an outstanding education.

If you have any questions about tuition rates, please contact Admissions or Student Affairs offices and we'll be happy to help.


2017 - 2018 Undergraduate Annual Tuition and Fees

Please note: All Maltese and EU Nationals that have resided in Malta for five (5) of the last seven (7) years are eligible for a 50% tuition discount.

 BS in Accounting  €15,500  12-18
 BS in Business Administration  €15,500  12-18
 BS in Game Development  €15,500  12-18


Undergraduate Tuition and Fee Payment Schedule

 Activity Fee  €100  Per semester, non-refundable
 Admission Deposit  €2,000  Issuance of Admission Letter
 Application Fee  €50  Application submission, non-refundable
 Transcript fee (official)  €10  Per Official Transcript






Undergraduate Tuition Refund Policy

 The end of the first (1) week of the semester  100%
 The end of the second (2) week of the semester   75%
 The end of the third (3) week of the semester   50%
 The end of the fourth (4) week of the semester   25%
 Beyond the fourth (4) semester week   No Refund