Challenging students to be independent thinkers and active participants in a diverse and ever-changing world

American University of Malta Vision, Mission, and Values

Our Vision

The American University of Malta educates a diverse student body to become ethically responsible global citizens, critical thinkers, and future leaders in an academically challenging learning environment. AUM strives constantly to sustain and enhance quality in teaching, research, public service and economic development.

Our Mission

The American University of Malta is a private, American-style liberal arts university dedicated to higher education and research for an international community at the highest standards. Our degree programs, research activities, and service to the community transform lives and serve society by educating ethically knowledgeable citizens, creating knowledge, and putting knowledge to work in a global setting.

Our Values

  • Integrity

  • Ethics

  • Quality Education

  • Academic Freedom

  • Diversity and Equity

  • Community Engagement